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Show: Cheating and Hurting
Miss Katie Lee
Mon - Fri 6-9pm


Cheating and Hurting with Miss Katie Lee

Country Classics with a twinge of hurt. The darker side of Country comes around.

Take a ride and break a heart with Katie Lee on KLUV's hit broadcast starring our resident expert of rural romance and unforgotten Country - Miss Katie Lee.



Who-done-it to Ramona?

Vote Your Ramona Suspect

Johnny - 21.1%
Craig - 18.4%
Gus - 23.7%
Carol - 10.5%
Trask - 5.3%
Ramona - 21.1%

Total votes: 38
The voting for this poll has ended on: May 9, 2017

Who-done-it to Craig?

Vote Your Craig Suspect

Johnny - 5.9%
Ramona - 11.8%
Carol - 14.7%
Gus - 17.6%
Trask - 11.8%
Craig - 32.4%

Total votes: 34
The voting for this poll has ended on: May 9, 2017


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